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Eastside Blossoms

Texas Blossoms' humble beginnings can be traced back to Eastside Blossoms, a non-profit with a similar mission but a smaller scope. Eastside Blossoms was created by East Fort Worth Inc., a non-profit devoted to improving East Fort Worth through redevelopment and creating economic opportunity.

The initial vision of Eastside Blossoms was to line Randol Mill Road with blossoming trees in order to bring beauty and life back to an area which had not prospered to the same extent as the rest of Fort Worth. After planting over 1,000 trees spanning over seven miles, the vision of Eastside Blossoms was realized. With a growing desire to revitalize other areas, both in Fort Worth and across the great state of Texas, Eastside Blossoms transitioned into Texas Blossoms to better reflect its new ambitious goal.

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