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Texas Blossoms is proud to beautify local parks with blossoming trees. In Gateway Park, volunteers planted a variety of trees, flowers, and native plants at the East 1st St. entrance. In Handley Park and Mallard Cove Park, Texas Blossoms volunteers blanketed the parks in flowering trees and shade trees. In Quanah Parker Park, beautiful Texas redbuds now line the south boundary of the park.

Texas Blossoms believes that local parks offer a much-needed respite from city life. Parks foster community connections, provide open spaces for children to play, and scenic views which bring all visitors a little peace. By planting beautiful blossoming trees, Texas Blossoms helps make these parks more inviting and memorable.

If you want Texas Blossoms to visit your local park and plant gorgeous blossoming trees, please contact us.

Texas Blossoms Project Map
Gateway Park
Mallard Cove Park
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